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Chad Museus

Owner, Nature's Edge Garden Center

Social media has always been important to us at Nature’s Edge Garden Center.  We took pride in our posts about our greenhouses, plants, and, of course, our dogs.  We used social media to advertise our sales and specials and highlight plant varieties that were blooming, new or extra special.   But we weren’t very good at it.  We wanted to have posts that were relevant and timely.  We wanted to highlight our landscaping side of the business.  Yet, even after making plans to do just that, we didn’t seem to follow through.  


When Amelia approached us about taking over our social media presence, we were very hesitant.  We knew how we wanted to promote our business, using our words, our pictures and our themes.  Could someone who wasn’t us be able to do that?  Would we lose the personal touch that we had with our customers?  Could Amelia provide us timely content – when we have a special we want to run or a new flower blooming, could we count on her to produce the content?   


We decided to give it a try.    We signed a contract with Amelia, giving her full rights to our social media platforms.   We expected the photos to be top notch.  After all, we hired a professional photographer.  And yes, the photos are stunning – but the content has improved so much. 

Every post has a story.  Amelia is engaging our customers online in every post.  Our customers feel part of our family and appreciated – exactly what we are looking to achieve!  I constantly get compliments on our social media posts!
Our Facebook followers have grown by 18% in just two months (and in the greenhouse off-season!)

Did I mention our website?  Amelia completely redid our entire site – making our greenhouse the destination for miles around and providing our landscape team with a professional and friendly image.  For the first time in our company’s history, our customers can purchase items online.  All because Amelia is taking charge of our website!


Amelia provides us with new ideas,  brings a new creative style to our online presence and she is responsive to our needs.   Amelia’s pricing is very reasonable – the results that we are getting from such a small investment are amazing.    I guarantee you won’t see that kind of return on investment with other marketing or advertising media.