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 Amelia Jo

Hey, hey! I'm Amelia, the face behind the vision, the brand, and every bowl of Mac and Cheese I can get my hands on. (My husband hates that this is my intro but I feel like you all should know this lol)

I am married to the most amazing and selfless man whom I thank God for daily. He is my biggest advocate and reason Amelia Jo Photo exists. I'll explain this a little later :) It's also worth noting that we are expecting our first child in March of 2021 and we can't wait to be parents! 

Together, our growing little family lives in the "First City on Mississippi River" helping each other live out our dreams as young

entrepreneurs, travelers, and of course Nespresso coffee connoisseurs. 

Amelia Johnson Photographer
Family photo

What Else You Might Want To Know

I mentioned above that my husband is the reason behind Amelia Jo Photo and it's true. It all started when I told my husband (Grant) I wanted to buy a "nice" camera for our upcoming trip. He looked at me and said, if you buy a camera, you have to make a business out of it. I looked at him and said "challenge accepted". 

I had never shot on anything besides my iPhone but I was determined to figure it out. I spent weeks researching, learning, taking horrible photos, and almost gave up because I didn't think I would ever be "good enough". Bless my husband and his stubbornness because he wouldn't let me quit. He knew I was capable before I could even figure out what ISO was. I spent more weeks learning and practicing and finally felt comfortable enough to try to book sessions. 

Fast forward 1 year. I booked over 50 sessions (including 4 weddings) and contracted 3 commercial clients. So here we are, kicking ass and changing the game of "conventional" photography.